About Us


I’am András Kovács the founder of de l’ Ami Gris kennel.

I love animals since I was child, especially dogs. I was 6 years old when my brother and I found our first dog, Rosszcsont. She was a dachshund mix, and she lived for 13 years with my family, and gave us a lot of joy and experience. She was very intelligent, loyal and obedient so she was „ the BEST DOG”.

In 1999 we moved to Tahitótfalu, and we decided to buy a big, hard and brave dog. We wanted a dog that guards the house but is nice with our guests so we chose Bouvier des Flandres. Kertvárosi Lógós Ebro became our family dog and stayed with us for 13 years. He lived up to our expectations, he had a really good character, he knew his duty instinctively.

I gained a lot of experience while I was working as a volunteer at a dog shelter.

We got on so well with Ebro that we decided to have another bouvier. I chose Amy od Citovskeho mlyna from a kennel in the Checz Republic and I started a more serious work with her.

I took her to dogschool and she received very good results, I’m very proud of her.

We fell in love with sheep herding, I think in this field a dog can show their abilities and obediece the best. Amy was really successful in sheepherding, she won several prizes. She was also a winner in severeral dogshows, which prooves that she is a representative dog of her breed.

Amy had a special will to work, she is very loyal and cheerful so she inherited „the best dog” title from Rosszcsont.


Amy’s first litter was born in 2014 and we kept Alpha from it. From the second litter we have Belle and Bijou.

Amy’s daughters are healthy and they have excellent results in dogshows and work.


Our breeding porposes

We breed exculisively healthy, standard dogs with bouvier characteristics and good capacity for work.


If you have any questions please contact me in kovacsandras@bouvier.hu